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What is iCinfo?

Why and how do business benefit by using iCinfo? Why do small to mid-sized business need a service to guide them through their technology initiatives? What is the impact on companies who struggle to find information?

Why hire iCinfo?

Gain the benefit of experience. Technology is an apprentice journey. Learning from past mistakes, failures and successes that give us the insights to help you move through your journey of information technology adoption.

What does iCinfo do?

Business owners are experts at what they do. They don’t typically have the knowledge or resources to evaluate, select, plan for and implement any form of technology. There are things you need to know before you go down that path. iCinfo can help you make solid investment decisions.

What kind of support should you expect from a trusted advisor?

What is your approach to solving problems? Are you looking for the root cause of your problems? Are you at things holistically? Are you using best practices and standards?

The challenge with the typical approach to buying software

What is the typical approach? Why is that a problem? With so many to choose from, you should be using best practices to research and evaluate different solutions.

Imagine having someone in your corner

As neutral objective advisors, iCinfo has your back providing knowledge and information that helps you make informed decisions. Make your decisions based on what you need versus what vendors want to sell.

Imagine Someone Saving You Money

How can we help you save time and money? Where can we help you save time and money? We’ve saved clients as much as 75% of the cost on purchases… savings that pay for our services.

Nothing Can be Better than Something.

Technology does not solve all problems. Having the wrong technology can actually make a situation worse.

How to Avoid Costly Mistakes.

Find someone you trust will provide you with information that will help you make better purchasing decisions.

Does Your Success Rely on Technology?

Technology isn’t everything. It’s a tool. What are you feeding your tool?

Helping Companies Increase Revenue.

Managing your information effectively can actually help you increase revenues in a number of ways.

Imagine Having the Help to Think Things Through

Thinking things through is the right thing to do. But what does that really mean when it comes to technology solutions? Here’s a process improvement project that ended with a big aha moment. Makes you wonder how this could have happened.