What do we do?

As business architects we help small to midsize businesses develop their operational backbone taking advantage of what technology has to offer.

We help companies who experience bottlenecks in their processes and workflows. We save them money and time by establishing a clear taxonomy and providing a blueprint for the organization and storage of their information, and for their future technology initiatives. We save our clients time and money by making them more effective and efficient, regardless of whether they proceed with technology immediately.

Research and Analysis. We analyze the business to understand your needs. We do a gap analysis to understand if you comply with standards and best practices, where you are and where you need to go, document the processes, identify and eliminate inefficiencies. We review the available solutions and compare them against your needs. In the construction industry alone, there are 346 ERP systems to choose from! How do you choose? We can help you with that.

Advice. We compare your needs and requirements with the available solutions, help choose software/technology, vendors and implementation partners. We help you find the best solution, and the best partner to implement it for you.

Governance and Oversight. We document roles and responsibilities, support change management, help you resolve compliance issues, and oversee the implementation. We make sure you have uptake from your teams and embed the use of the system in your business processes. We also use best practices to establish effective and efficient systems.

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