Why iCinfo and our Information Management Specialists?

iCinfo is an information communication technology management consulting firm that works with companies that have 50 to 150 employees who struggle with:

  • inefficient workflows due to manual processes

  • disjointed electronic tools

  • inventory management

  • scalability

  • work order fulfillment

  • reporting (payroll, metrics, WIP, etc.)

  • complex supply chains

  • records, data show and difficult to find

  • paper files taking up real estate

  • compliance and discovery

Not having the right skills and knowledge to effectively research and plan for business transformation can put your business at risk of failure.

Our solutions enable findability, audit readiness, eDiscovery, mergers/acquisitions, business continuity, and growth. With a team of information specialists, iCinfo brings you the tools and know-how to provide an end-to-end solution.


iCinfo utilizes a proprietary lean, structured, and practical approach we’ve developed specifically for SME’s, to lead teams through the processes of planning and implementing technologies and developing internal competencies along the way. By utilizing ISO Standards and other best practices to evaluate your current business environment, our team of seasoned professionals works with you and your team to architect your future.

We analyse your business environment and requirements; improve and standardize business processes; evaluate hardware, software and vendors; integrate data and systems; and provide training. Essentially building you a system that will continuously get you the information you need when you need it. Ultimately, this will help you optimize resources, control rising costs, and make better business decisions.

Unlike specific solution providers who have only one piece of the puzzle to offer, iCinfo brings it all under one roof.


Let us help you find the right solution.