Information Management Compliance Checklist


Take just a few minutes to answer these twelve questions about your business to understand where you are on the transformation roadmap and where you need to focus to grow for the digital marketplace.

These questions are based on ISO standards for information management and provide a straightforward plan of action to:

  • reduce the time it takes to find your critical business records
  • reduce the risk of losing or exposing sensitive information and
  • reduce the cost of duplicating work and storing unused information.

For each question, click on the answer that comes closest to describing your experience, and then click Submit.

You will get an evaluation with some simple steps for you to begin to move to a leaner, cost-effective and secure information practice based on leading industry guidelines. Contact us today to learn how!


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1. How would you describe what it’s like to find and work with your information?

2. If you were asked by a government / legal organization to produce official documents for an audit, how long would it take?

3. How do you know you have the right version of a document?

4. How much of your information is paper-based?

5. Do you control who can access which information?

6. How is your information backed up?

7. Do you have a classification scheme for your whole company? (e.g., folder / site structure or hierarchy)

8. Do you have a lot of years-old and duplicate files?

9. How quickly and easily can you share information with staff in the field?

10. How well do your business areas and their information sets ‘talk’ to each other? For example, does your ERP system automatically create accurate invoices or track materials used on each project?

11. Is there clear ownership assigned to your information areas?

12. Do you have a plan or roadmap for using your technology investments?