Case Study:  Taxonomy – Electronics Engineering & Manufacturing

Everybody in this company of 35 employees with two locations had their own way of creating, naming and storing files. Multiple files existed under different names and different locations. It was a frustrating exercise to find any information. With and ERP system already in place, what the company needed was a system for electronic document control and filing.

Over a six-month period, iCinfo delivered a taxonomy training and implementation program to establish an electronic document filing system with a clear structure, policies and procedures for documentation, revisions, ownership and access rights.

The client no longer gets frustrated looking for documents. With an intuitive framework, the taxonomy and accompanying records make it much easier and faster to train new hires. It has made a big change for the company. By making documents quick and easy to find, they’re saving about half an hour every day for every person that works there. That saves the company a lot of money, and that is important to anyone who handles company finances. They improved customer satisfaction by responding to inquiries immediately, and they were able to take advantage of more opportunities by rapidly responding to requests for quotations and proposals with quick access to reusable digital content.

Testimonial from Zohar (Program Manager)

It’s been such a pleasure working with you. I was hesitant coming into this exercise and you raised the bar quite high on day one promising a system that would mimic our workflow and facilitate it at the same time. You’ve done even more than that. You’ve changed our culture. You’ve changed people who I thought were unchangeable. That’s worth so much more than what we signed up for.

Testimonial from Rakesh (Controller)

Taxonomy has “made life easier for people to file. We now have a dept file plan. Everybody knows how to create and file individual documents. There is a clear structure, clear change policy, clear ownership and access rights. Clear process with naming convention, where stored, how stored. How revision is done. Collectively, we’re saving at least 14 hours per day.”