We had to do something about the documents we had collected. We had all this data in our system, but nobody knew where to find anything. It was like a digital land dump. iCinfo made a blueprint to organize our documents and is helping us to implement it.  The first step was to find a Managed Service Provider for our IT infrastructure. iCinfo wrote the RFP and recommended a supplier. We are now switching over. Now we are working on the taxonomy and on organizing our information digitally. We are also working on some grants that will pay for a lot of the cost we are incurring. I highly recommend iCinfo.

Tim Birnie, President
Birnie Electric Limited

It’s been such a pleasure working with you. I was hesitant coming into this exercise and you raised the bar quite high on day one promising a system that would mimic our workflow and facilitate it at the same time. You’ve done even more than that. You’ve changed our culture. You’ve changed people who I thought were unchangeable. That’s worth so much more than what we signed up for.

Zohar Beneliezer, Program Manager
Avnan Electronics Ltd.

In our company, everybody had their own way of creating and storing files, so it was a frustrating exercise to find any information. iCinfo helped us to establish an electronic document filing system with a clear taxonomy. Now we have a unified structure for documentation with clear change policy, ownership and access rights. We don’t get frustrated looking for documents anymore, and it’s also much easier to train new hires. It has made a big change to our company. We’re probably saving half an hour every day for every person. That saves the company a lot of money, and as the controller of our company that is important to me. I highly recommend iCinfo.

Rakesh Gupta, Controller
Avanan Electronics Ltd.

Clayton Evans, Controller at Birnie Electric Limited describes the benefits of working with iCinfo. Sound familiar?

Tim Birnie, President & CEO of Birnie Electric describes how iCinfo is helping his company plan for and prepare for the adoption of technology.