Case Study: Holistic Services – Electrical Contractor

The company had amassed enormous amounts of documents over the past 50 years. They needed to do something about the hard copies they had collected. They had also collected hoards of digital documents in their system, but nobody knew where to find anything. It was a digital landfill.

iCinfo evaluated their current information management practices and infrastructure to determine how they measured up to best practices and international standards. Once the gaps were identified, we proceeded to create a blueprint to organize their documents and help them implement.

In addition, the uptake on (ERP) software acquired years back was insufficient. Training dollars spent were doing nothing to address the situation. Something needed to be done if the company were to achieve its growth plans. iCinfo was capable of helping to correct the situation, despite not having software specific expertise.

The first step was to update the IT infrastructure. That required us to find a new Managed Service Provider. iCinfo wrote the RFP and recommended a supplier. Following the switch-over, the client would be ready to begin work on a taxonomy and arrange information digitally.

This work would improve efficiencies and lay the foundation for future plans, and increase technology adoption.

As a result of finding a new trusted IT support company, the client was able to realize a $30,000 (75%) savings based on recommendations to replace a portion of their system rather than upgrade it. iCinfo was also able to provide the client with information to apply for grants that would pay for a large portion of our fees incurred. Estimates for improvements realized to date include a greater than 50% reduction in turn-around time for accounts receivable, related cashflow and interest payments. And this is just the beginning!