The Technology Industry is Highly Fragmented and Often Shrouded With Smoke and Mirrors

Claudia Mamros, Founder & CEO

Claudia started her information management career in franchising over 25 years ago.

Back then retailers were well on their way to using computerized point of sale systems to manage inventory, providing insights for marketing and operations.

We understand business, operations, and the business of technology.

FACTS:  Effective use of technology improves efficiencies, productivity, and profits. In order to remain competitive, companies of all sizes must invest in technology. Small to mid-sized companies don’t have the internal resources, knowledge, and experience to support technology initiatives. The IT industry is highly fragmented and often shrouded with smoke and mirrors. This makes it difficult to make good IT purchasing decisions. In essence, we’re you’re GC for IT.

Skills and Knowledge Areas


Business Analysis


Process Improvement



Records, Email Management

Project Management

Change Management

Standards, Best Practices


Workflow Automation




Our Approach

Understand the External Business Environment

Understand the Internal Business Environment

Align Technology Solutions with Business Goals

Provide Insights to Support Decisions

Provide Resources to Manage Change and Oversight

Our Team of Seasoned Objective Professionals

As information management consultants we help small to mid-sized businesses develop their operational backbone by taking advantage of what technology has to offer.

We help companies who experience bottlenecks in their processes and workflows. We save them money and time by establishing a clear taxonomy and providing a blueprint to organize and store their information assets. We save our clients time and money by making them more efficient.

“There is a need for a third party with the knowledge of software and systems that accommodate a company’s needs. In most cases, the sexiest sales pitch gets the job regardless of whether the software is the best fit for the company.” 

Eric, independent software consultant

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