Your most valuable business asset: information.

Information is the lifeblood of every organization, no matter how big or small, whether the business provides products or services, or what industry or sectors the business serves. Information is a necessity for any business to operate.

Effective documentation and information management enables an organization to make their mission-critical information more searchable and more accessible. Putting the right information in the hands of the right people at the right time can be the difference between ordinary and extraordinary. Businesses that effectively manage their information perform better, have happier customers and clients and enjoy higher levels of success. Businesses that mismanage their information expose themselves to unnecessary risk, costly inefficiencies, damage to their brand and reputation, and lost opportunities.


Let iCinfo help you realize and optimize the benefits of technology – having information you need when you need it; and an informed and engaged workforce. Access to accurate and timely information leads to making better business decisions.


Assess the current business environment and compare it to standards and best practices.

Business Processes

Record and standardize current business processes.

Process Improvement

Improve inefficient workflows.

Business Rules, Requirements

Create policies, and define roles and responsibilities to align with regulatory and business needs.


Training (programs) with tools, tips, and techniques to help you build an informed and engaged workforce.

Research, Evaluation

Deliver and recommend options based upon measured and weighted criteria.


Provide information to help you make the best choices for your company.


Ensure your organization and team are ready for transition.


Manage technology implementation for management solutions.


Ensure you are equipped to stay the course.

IT Oversight

Interim CIO services to ensure the business is optimizing its technology resources.


From paper files to digitized records – we organize files with scanning solutions.

What is Information Management?

Information management aims to understand and manage the flow of information in a business: how it is acquired or where it is created, how it changes, who has access to it, how it is used, and who is responsible for updating, storing and maintaining it.

Information management is closely aligned to business processes. When a business’ processes are informal, they are likely inconsistent. The resulting inputs and outputs are often inaccurate, outdated or unavailable to decision makers. This casual approach to business processes usually result in redundant, obsolete, trivial, and/or duplicate information that adds to the confusion and chaos created by even greater volumes of information to sort through. This, in turn, leads to poor information, poor decisions, errors, wasted time and resources, and lost opportunities.

360 degree advantage

How Better Information Management Can Protect & Grow Your Business

iCinfo works with clients to structure and organize their information by understanding their business environment and regulatory needs.  We collaborate with stakeholders to clearly define and document the flow of information throughout their business processes, identifying, understanding and optimizing their business practices along the way. We customize the information architecture and controlled vocabulary (also known as taxonomy) to better serve the current and future needs of the business.

Our proven process of supporting our clients through the transition of their information management system means they receive the immediate benefits of a structured and organized information environment. They are also able to manage and evolve their information management systems after we have completed our work with them.

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Find out how information management can enhance your business performance, safeguard your business against risk, and protect your most valuable asset – your information.


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